Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What happens to my résumé once I submit it on the KALEF website?

KALEF Human Resources Department will review your résumé against current job openings. If there appears to be a good fit, a staff member will contact you to discuss the details.

2. Can I apply for more than one position?

Yes, there are no limitations. Feel free to apply for all positions in which you are interested and qualified.

3. How long will my résumé remain in the KALEF database?

Résumés remain on file for 30 days.

4. How will I know if KALEF received my résumé?

You will receive an immediate acknowledgement once you submit your résumé online, although it is best to come into the office and fill out an application.

5. If my employment situation changes, can I submit an updated résumé at any time?

Yes, please keep your most current résumé on file with KALEF.

6. How long will it take to be notified of an opening?

Vacancies come and go fast. Each individual will be notified immediately if there is a suitable position.

7. Do I have the opportunity to reject positions?

Once a position is discussed with you, you will have the opportunity to accept or reject the position. Once you have accepted the position, you must be prepared to report to work immediately.  If you reject the position, you may still be called at a later date if a position opens up, for which you are a match.


FAQ – Personal Care Aide


  1. What are strikes?

Answer: Strikes are mistakes that you are making within the CARE CALL system and may cause you to not to get paid for the date of the mistakes.

2. Can mistakes be corrected?

Answer: It is the workers responsibility to notify the office of their CARE CALL errors. Some errors can be corrected, others cannot be corrected. If mistakes are caught within 7 days, most can be corrected.


  1. a. Typing in wrong social security number
  2. Forgetting to sign in
  3. Forgetting to sign out
  4. Signing in for only one service and not the other. You must sign in for both services in order to get paid for both.
  5. Using an unauthorized telephone to clock in/out.
  6. 3. Do we get paid for the hours assigned but not worked?

Answer: No. The Company asks that you stay the entire time assigned to the client. When you stay the entire time, you get paid for the entire time.


1. Is it my responsibility to complete every task on the Service Record on a daily basis?

Answer: Yes. As a Personal Care Aide, it is your responsibility to complete every task on the Service Record unless the family tells you differently.

  1. How must the Service Record be completed?

Answer: Each Service Record must be completed in its entirety. Do not draw line on the days that no service was completed. Please do not place information that does not pertain to the client on the Service Record.

  1.  When are our Service Records Due?

Answer: All service records are due each Monday before noon

  1. If my Service Record is late arriving in the office, will I still receive my PAY?

Answer: Service Records are due each Monday by 12 noon. It is the worker’s responsibility to bring it into the office. If you are out of town, mailing the Service Record on Saturday will insure that it will arrive in a timely manner. If Service Records are turned in late, please do not call the office requesting money. We are asking that you wait until the next payroll to receive your paycheck. If you do not continue to go to work because you did not bring your Service Records to the office in a timely manner, you will be replaced.


  1.  When is Payday?

Answer: Payday is the 15th and end of the month.

  1.  Will I get paid if my service records are not up-to-date

Answer: NO. Not only will you not get paid, but you must wait until the next pay period. Please do not call continuously asking to speak to an Administrator. If you are continuously late, you will be replaced without notice for failing to turn in SERVICE REPORTS in a timely manner.

  1.  Will I be paid for holidays?

Answer: You will be paid only if you work the holiday.

  1. What is the procedure for Holidays?

Answer: First, when taking off on a holiday, you must fill out a form requesting the holiday off. If a client desires someone on a holiday, the office staff must make the necessary arrangements to get coverage for the client. If you have not given proper notice, you must work.


  1.  Who is responsible for transporting clients?

Answer: Escort service is part of the job responsibility of the Personal Care Aide.

  1.  Can I drive the client’s vehicle?

Answer: Yes, only if the client is present and gives you permission.

  1.  How far should one drive a client?

Answer: Medical Appointment and Prescription are a must. Other trips should be short in length.


  1.  Whose responsibility is the equipment for taking a client’s temperature?

Answer: It is the Personal Care Aide’s responsibility when taking the client’s temperature. Each Personal Care Aide must purchase their own equipment.


  1.  Must I wash my hand when handling clients?

Answer: Yes. Many of our clients are sick and basic hand washing and keeping their personal areas clean are a must to cutting down on infections.